Open Eye Media is committed to creating positive change while acting in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

To minimise our impact on the environment we endeavour to do the following:

  • only ever use recycled paper products
  • try and reduce the consumption of disposable goods
  • reuse materials and items where possible
  • minimise our energy consumption by switching electrical appliances off when not in use
  • use modern computers that have been built with efficient energy use in mind, and comply to current environmental standards
  • buy organic food where possible (and if it’s Fair Trade, that’s even better!)
  • keep water use to a minimum, and when possible use grey water to water the the plants
  • say no to plastic bags
  • use public transport, or a bicycle for minor journeys, and for longer journeys use the train instead of a plane where feasible

At Open Eye Media we support, through both our work and our own consumption, businesses, organisations and individuals who:

  • respect and promote basic human rights for all
  • support or carry out sustainable development and poverty alleviation within their own communities and overseas
  • practice equality and fairness at work and provide a good working environment for their employees
  • produce, supply or sell fairly traded goods and services
  • produce/sell food/drink which is beneficial to the health of humans and /or animals
  • promote animal welfare and prevent cruelty to animals
  • use methods of working which are beneficial to the environment (such as recycling, energy efficiency, organic farming, etc.)
  • support local trade
  • are transparent about their business practices and policies

We do not support or provide services to businesses, organisations or individuals who are involved in, or do business with others who are involved in:

  • the extraction or production of fossil fuels
  • the manufacturing of any harmful chemicals
  • the exploitation of basic human rights
  • the exploitation of any non-renewable natural resource
  • testing consumer goods or ingredients on animals
  • employ intensive farming or fishing methods
  • any activity that that disregards animal rights