Web Design and Production

The following options are available:

Basic site with Content Management System (CMS)

A basic site with a couple of pages of text and a contact form, built using an Open Source content management system – allowing you complete control, and the option to expand functionality and modify the design at any time. The site will be fully optimised, and advice will be give on how to maintain the site once live. Optional extras might include a gallery, newsletter subscription and management, video replay or an integrated blog.

E-commerce site

A fully operational and optimised e-commerce site constructed using Open Source software, with multiple payment options, and customisable sequence for placing orders. The e-commerce software is integrated into a content management system, allowing you complete control over content and products, and the option to easily update and expand content, functionality and your product range. Optional extras might include an integrated blog, newsletter subscription and management, and many more, helping you to fine-tune the site to cater for you specific needs.

Customised blog

Connect with the rest of the online world with your own customised blog. Built using Open Source content management software, and offering you complete control to modify and update your blog as and when you choose. The blog will be optimised to ensure you get as much exposure within the search engines as possible, and with a multitude of optional extras, you can build a truly powerful tool for communicating with your chosen audience.

Site and content management

If you would rather focus on the things you are good and, and leave the maintenance and management of the site to someone else, then this service is for you.