About Open Eye Media

Open Eye Media

Open Eye Media offers digital content production by me, Chris King, driven by a desire to help get the stories of those trying to make the world a better place in front of an audience that can ensure they realise their goals, and maximise their impact.

I can offer all the support you need to create an impactful presence both online and in the real world – from user-friendly, optimised websites, to engaging imagery and videos, and from journalistic articles to a series of podcasts, I can produce all the digital content you require to engage with your audience wherever they might be.

With my many years of experience working in all digital media formats, I can also provide you with any training you might need to produce your own content, should you want to keep it in-house. Whether it’s camera basics or how to build an optimised WordPress website, I can help you or your team develop all the skills required to cater for your own digital content production needs.

Through the planting of trees and creation of rewilding projects, I want to ensure all the work done for clients goes beyond carbon neutral and is actually climate positive – helping you reduce the environmental impact of your business activities.

About Me

Chris King - Digital Content Producer

I’m passionate about raising awareness of what’s going on in the world, and sharing the stories of others – working with people to get their voices heard and getting them connected with key audiences.

I graduated from Southampton University with a Masters in Engineering for Development (MSc), after working for 2 years with grassroots environmental and social justice organisations across Europe. Before that I graduated from Glasgow University with an Honours Degree in Aeronautical Engineering (BEng Hons), specialising in spaceflight.

I’m from the north of Ireland, and work internationally on commissioned work, personal projects, and collaborations. I’ve been building websites professionally since 2007, and worked as a professional documentary and portrait photographer and video producer since 2012. I also started producing podcasts back in 2013, before anyone outside of the U.S. really knew what they were, and write professionally for a number of magazines on social and environmental issues.