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Website Consultation and Support Packages by Open Eye Media

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Website Consultation and Support Packages by Open Eye Media

Start-up Packages

Website Consultation and Support Packages by Open Eye Media

Consultation and Support

Website Consultation and Support Packages by Open Eye Media

Complete Websites

Website Consultation and Support Packages by Open Eye Media

Search Engine Optimisation

Start-up Package

If you’re just starting out as a new business, non-profit or freelancer, you already have a lot of important things to worry about, and the last thing you need is to be delving into the world of websites. It’s a steep learning curve, and for the uninitiated it can be quite overwhelming and confusing.

Domain Registration

I will register your chosen domain name(s) on your behalf.* You can read this article on choosing the right domain name for your enterprise.

Hosting Set-up

I will set-up a suitable hosting package for your needs* and carry out any performance modifications available on your server.

Installation of WordPress and Key Plugins

Installation of the latest version of WordPress and key plugins related to performance, SEO, security and backups. The plugins will also be configured for your initial set-up.

Installation of Theme

I will install your chosen theme and ensure, where possible, the necessary performance requirements are in place. I will only install the theme – modifying and using the theme to create your site will be up to you.


I will provide you with a guide on using WordPress, and all the installed plugins.

Cost: £250/300€

(* cost of purchase not included)

E-commerce Start-up Package

As Start-up plus:

Installation and Integration of Woo-Commerce

I will install the Woo-Commerce plugin for you, and carry out basic modifications for the initial set-up.

Cost: £300/360€

Consultation and Support

Whether you need someone to guide you through an issue or take full responsibility for it – I can provide you with the help and support you need.

1hr Blitz

Give me a list of tasks, in order of priority, and I will make my way through as many as I can in an hour.

Cost: £80/96€


I can work with you through some of the issues you’re experiencing, and show you how to overcome them – providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage your site effectively moving forward. Alternatively, you can give me specific tasks you would like completed, in order of priority, and I will get as many done in the allotted time as I can.


2hrs – £100/120€ (single block)

4hrs – £180/216€ (1 or 2 blocks)

8hrs – £320/384€ (2 or 4 blocks)

Complete Websites

The following provides an overview of the general approach I take when building a site.

  • Planning – a collaborative approach whereby future work is planned, specified and prioritised.
  • Analysis – this is the beginning of a process that provides a detailed view of your target audience, helping to ensure appropriate user experience.
  • Prototyping – the creation of wireframes and UX prototypes to demonstrate planned development, so the final specification and a build schedule can be defined.
  • Building – using all the information gathered to construct the site according to the agreed-upon specifications.
  • Testing – Initial testing will be carried out by me, and then the opportunity will exist for you to carry out your testing and report any bugs or issues.

Quick Build

This package is for those people who want a professional looking site with a quick turnaround time. A pre-built theme will be used as the framework, and only essential planning is carried out, and then we move straight on to the Build phase.

Cost: £995 – £2,995 / 1.200€ – 3.600€

Semi-bespoke Build

For those with a bit more time and money to spend on crafting a site to cater for your needs, you can benefit from consultative design process, prototyping, and user analysis. The only constraints come from using a pre-built theme, but you then benefiting from reduced costs and faster turnaround time.

Cost: £3,000 – £8,000 / 3.600€ – 9.600€

Fully-Bespoke Build

For those who have the time and the budget, you can have a site designed to your exact specifications and needs.

Cost: Call for Quote

Search Engine Optimisation

Unfortunately, ‘build it and they shall come’ doesn’t apply to the Worldwide Web. So, once you build your website you need to ensure your target audiences know you exist. One of the ways you can achieve this through improved performance within search engines, which requires Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) measures to be carried out to your site.

The following packages offer ways of optimising your site, and thereby improving your performance within search engines. The Intermediate and Advanced SEO packages will also speed up your site, and therefore improve user experience – especially for those using a mobile device on a data network.

Basic SEO

Creation of optimised page titles

Creation of optimised meta descriptions

Creation of Alt Tags for all images

Installation of SEO plugin

Cost: £40 + £10/page / 48€ + 12€/page

Intermediate SEO

Includes all the Basic SEO measures but also:

Performance audit of page

Optimisation of images within page’s content

Creation of Header Tags for page

Optimisation for social media

Integration of cache plugin

Cost: £60 + £20/page / 72€ + 24€/page

Advanced SEO

Includes all the Intermediate SEO measures but also:

Set up of CDN

Activation and modification of any server-based performance-related software (Depends on hosting)

Cost: £80-100 + £20/page / 96-120€ + 24€/page